Monday, May 31, 2010

You Can Make Quick Makeup in Busy Time

You Can Make Quick Makeup in Busy Time - With the busy life, we have today, many women have perfected the use of less than 10 minutes to make-up Beauty Art. Although no detailed long period of time as a make-up in the same impressive results, but with the addition of the face and sparkling eyes, a small light. This will allow women look fresh all day.

If you have 10 minutes to an hour dressed, use the first element is the foundation. Foundation to help hide uneven skin color, so to make a more significant effect on make-up. Basis rather than rubbing, pat the skin products. In fact, if your time is running out, you can only use non-compliant face base face.

Seems to wake up when the focus of the eye makeup. Cosmetics, produced a total area of the eye's eyes seem bigger, brighter, all tracks are scattered sleepy. The main products, which is used for eye make-up mascara. Apliqui'l in Plovdiv, your eyes will change. Always use black ink, no matter what the color of the label. For eye makeup, apply the shadow of the ship and quickly scanned.

Best red highlight cheekbones. With the average brush, lightly dust raised from the container. Most widely used color in this area and use of light circular movements to confuse the whiskey. Finally, the remaining color brush, until his cheeks are a very bad end-use impact.

Lipstick, using a stick and began to use color center, the lower lip. Gradually, in the corners. Then press and rub the lips of the color distribution. After using your little finger or fingers to apply more lipstick and lip gloss. This will control the number of colors used. The second layer ensures long lipstick.

When your foundation and blush, to be careful in choosing the color of the color and accessories. Core, film should be in your shadow height, next to the skin. Otherwise, the result will be a mask. From the face, choose a color, lips the game.

It is the day to complete the composition. Now you can safely leave home to work, the children stay in school or with friends to meet. The whole process should not last more than 20 minutes. Even if you do, you can be sure that the thought and practice only. After a few days in the near future, you know, the normal heart.

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