Friday, May 7, 2010

I need and Search A husband

Krisdayanti is often poured out his heart to his friend, Elsie Lontoh. In confidante, KD always claimed his life lonely. It makes KD miss his presence in her life. "KD is often told me he really missed the presence of somebody who can pamper and love on him," said Elsie Lontoh, power of attorney and also a good friend to VIVAnews KD, Thursday, May 6, 2010 night. Elsie in choosing men to escort her life KD did not put the criteria heroics. KD would only expect a man who lived with him had to be able to understand him and accept him as is. "KD always insisted he was not cold to him. And he was also supporting his career," he said. As alluded to whether the current KD has found a man matching that criteria? Elsie admitted today still bears the status Singles KD.

According to KD was not easy to obtain the ideal man. Moreover, he's just facing divorce and the breakup with Regine from Raul Lemos. Times it is a heavy thing in the life of the widow with two children. "Although he needed attention and affection but not easy for KD to open his heart again," he said.


  1. Wah...soal KD nih.
    Kayaknya beritanya makin marak aja nih di media online :D