Saturday, May 15, 2010

6 Tips For Escaping Stress

Many small business owners do not take real holiday is to go for many years. When found, in general said they believe the material could damage the irreversible step, and if any period of time.

Unfortunately, the final result is inevitable, many of these projects are in the same states, however, the dominant productivity and personal suffering ..

If you own a small business, they found that the above description for you, here are six things you can do to your life.

1. Step back

It is easy to deal with changes, only to continue until the equilibrium point or hang. However, studies show (and to some extent, contrary to intuition) is very close, so your problem is to increase its ability to create some of the views of free time.

In fact, throughout history, famous scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and the difficulties they face on a regular basis to do something else, and the surface reaction of their unconscious mind to wait for results. In many cases, this is what happened.

2. Identify and clarify their values

common cause, to emphasize one of the owners of the company with our deepest values of our time and resources and activities of conflicts. Take a piece of paper and make a decision difficult or dangerous, you are in your life - including career, list of relationships, business decisions. See if you can identify the ideological crystallization of its decision if you can find the common ground of decision is to determine the values base.

3. Review your goals

Once you have determined your values, decide what results you'd like your organization and your life. The results of converting the hope of "fair" plan, ready to own and objectives of your organization. Make sure your goals specific and measurable, time oriented, written.

4. Identify the main obstacles

Basic concepts of limits, "is the cornerstone of the" Theory of Constraints (TOC) management philosophy of Dr. Goldratt development. Theory of Constraints imagine, as a system of inputs and outputs of the work, its main production limit at any time a stream of obstacles.

Determine the bottlenecks or system activity, are the weakest link in the production system. "For example, only through the initiative on behalf of the vast majority of small business growth objectives. Important as A leader understands working to identify the main obstacles, "and its resources to focus on it for you.

5. Based mainly on the central focus

The principle of the contents of one of the pillars of business management, is the idea of the table, companies often seek to build the business through all parts of the total value of production, while the most inefficient. The fact is that from a global perspective, the highest performance of business systems often require some parts of the system to produce better.

For best production this year, some places are not the main obstacle "," No sacrifice. However, considering the resources they need to reduce the flow, but the basic restriction is continuously at full load. These include resources and time and attention by the employer.

6. Take the different forms of regression

While we know the value, if you work and actions are consistent with those values will be greatly reduced, and emphasized the feelings of being overwhelmed. When installing the basic restrictions, "their business idea, you can see their efforts to determine this is your basic restrictions," No other part of your business you want to convert.

When his team know that a goal of greater importance, and how to identify and use key constraints, you will have a better chance to achieve their business without the approval of all shocks.


Between the two have seen their business or to crush, overwhelmed feeling very different. The participation of personnel, payroll and client and family need to spend a lot of small business owners. The core subjects, to be a long-term success is the ability to know what one is, at any time, the most important step, one step back after a while, once you have the best sites work.

Using these techniques for over six years, can be sure their management capacity, and successfully continue with their work and their lives.

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